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Blend of Chinese and Western culture in the design of the long , into the Chinese traditional Confucianism gentle , into a classic European and American fashion style simple atmosphere, and gradually formed elegant and stylish atmosphere style products . Adhering to the " home" of products and integrated service concept will live , continuous innovation , enabling consumers to fully experience the high-end kitchen hardware products bring convenience and personalized. 
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In choosing a faucet fixture, you will first need to determine the layout of your kitchen, since different types of faucet fixtures have different requirements when installed.

Contant Flow Aerator

Smooth inner wall faucet with constant dynamic pressure bubbler water saving, water pressure in the mortgage guarantee, high pressure remains constant flow, reduce debugging brought waste water and air bubbles rich, flushing and comfortable.

Low Pressure Casting Technology

Low-pressure casting technology, the various parts of the body Bohou uniform, high density.

Mirror Precision Technology

Double nanoscale surface plating, crystal bright, acid, antioxidant, long-term use is still bright color and delicate, super adsorption does not fall off.

Precision Connection

High precision CNC machining process to ensure that each accessory connected bit precision connectors impermeable.

CNC Precision Casting

The whole plant order using precision CNC machining technology and all intelligent monitoring technology, internal structural precision, to ensure consistent quality every faucet.

Refined Copper Material

The main use of selected high-quality copper substrate, lead-free verification by the California AB1953, excluding substances harmful to human health, higher density, healthy and durable.

Ceramic Cartridge

Selection of high-quality ceramic cartridge, hardness 1050HV5-1500HV5, special silencers network, good sealing performance, feel smooth, high temperature, wear-resistant, anti-aging characteristics, sustainable switch 500,000 times.

Easy clean technology

Through market research and customer feedback, we found that tap water in all regions has different calcium content. High calcium content in water will form limescale. According to customer requirements in different regions, Iex has installed aerator in Mixer and headshower in shower with soft Silica gel, So you can easily wipe off dust and scale, products without lime scale and normal maintenance maintain good working condition;




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